Located near the intersection of Arlington, Cambridge, and Somerville, Alewife Station is one of the primary MBTA transit spokes. You can catch both Buses and Subways here. Alewife has a large parking garage which almost always has a free space open, and is on the cheaper end of non-street parking.

Alewife is divided into four “zones”, as described below:

Subway Tunnels

Alewife connects to a large underground network of Subway tunnels. These tunnels are usually dark, damp, and are probably a good location for a number of supernatural nasties to hide out during the day. Riding the train cars may be safe enough, but be sure to bring some kind of offensive capability if venturing into the tunnels on foot.

Known Aspects:
Dark and Damp
Electric Third Rail
Regular Subway Traffic

Alewife Station

The station proper is what most people think of when they say Alewife. The station itself is located on ground level and below. On ground level is Bus terminal, with buses going most places in a reasonable area. Underground is Subway terminal, containing the Red Line train that goes through Cambridge and into Boston, and eventually back out into Ashmont/Braintree. the Subway terminal also contains several shops, including a Dunkin’ Donuts. The station is almost always bustling with people.

Known Aspects:
Mortal Eyes

Parking Garage

This parking garage is located above ground (literally, second story and up), and serves as parking space for a large number of commuters on a daily basis. Because parking in Boston is hard to find and harder to pay for, many people choose to drive to Alewife and then take a Subway into the city. During the day, the garage is mostly full with cars, although very few people. Notably, the garage is open to the air as the walls only go up to waist height.

Known Aspects:
Cars, Cars, Everywhere
Open Air

Fresh Pond Mall

While not technically a part of Alewife, it’s sometimes difficult to separate these two locations. Fresh Pond is noted for it’s large parking lot, as well as it’s long stripmall. Containing such stores as Staples, Olympia Sports, Whole Foods, McDonalds, and even a Movie Theater. Across the street is a smaller complex containing a T-Mobile Store, a CVS, a Chipotle, a Dunkin’ Donuts, and an expensive Sushi Shop called Genki-Ya.

Known Aspects:


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